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Mobility Edges

In ecology the notion of edges usually refers to open zones where diverse species or ecosystems interact. They are zones of transition, characterized by biological diversity and hybridity, which is known as ‘the edge effect’. Mobility edges are the transition zones,meeting places, hybridities, overlaps and porous boundaries between seemingly different types of mobility. (Schapendonk & Wajsberg 2024).  

Social Navigation

Social navigation refers to the ways people ‘move in social environments of actors, actants, individuals and institutions’ (Vigh 2009, 419) and the effects it has on ‘possible positions and trajectories’ (Vigh 2009, 425). Border spaces are constantly navigated, individually and collectively. 


Transgression is used when marginalized populations re-claim societal positions through daily acts of citizenship. This underlines the difference between crossing borders (a migratory act) and moving beyond borders (creating spaces where borders become futile). When migrants lose fear through conviviality, when resistances (in plural) emerge side by side.  

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